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Total Commander 8.50 released

May 23, 2012: Total Commander 8.0 is released.
This version contains fixes from the previous betas (mostly in 64-bit variants of them) and also introduces several new features.

March 9, 2012: Total Commander 7.57a is released.
This version fixes some bugs discovered after the release of 7.57.

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Total Commander 8.50 - advanced file manager


BS-DOS support bundle 2014.03.27

This is a set of plugins for Total Commander providing support for BS-DOS disk image formats.

BS-DOS is a ZX Spectrum DOS and file system used in some European countries. The plugins were developed by request and in cooperation with Czech and Slovak users of ZX Spectrum and Total Commander.

The bundle includes 4 plugins: inMBD, inMBD_wdx, inMBH, inTAP. They provide support for *.mbd; *.mbh and *.tap files.

Each plugin is self-sufficient and can be installed independently. However, they are most efficient if used in conjunction; for example, it is possible to copy files between MBD and TAP images preserving Spectrum-specific file attributes (autostart, body flags, etc...).

Each plugin is bundled with detailed manual and history. Additionally the bundle includes:

bundle_readme.rtf - short description of the bundle;
Sample images - several files you can use to test plugins functioning.
Category: TC Packer Plugins
950 KB - Updated: 15.04.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  68 times

EML New 1.0.5

Content plugin for show some info from *.eml files.

This is new independet version of wdx_eml plugin (
Category: Content plugins
360 KB - Updated: 15.04.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  1742 times

SynWrite 6.4.830

Advanced text editor (application with installer and Lister plugin) for programmers:

» syntax highlighting for lot of languages
» fully customizable highlighting
» code folding
» panels:
»»» tree structure for source code
»»» project management
»»» FTP/SFTP-client
»»» clipboard history
»»» mini-map
»»» tools output
»»» search results
»»» text clips
»»» file explorer
»»» tabs list
» coding helpers:
»»» auto-completion
»»» code templates
»»» expansion of html tag names by Tab key
»»» sync. editing of all id occurances
»»» support for Zen Coding/ Emmet
»»» color picker + color preview
»»» inserting of image tag
»»» portable bookmarks
»»» column markers
» support for almost all encodings
» search/replace with regular expressions
» search/replace in multiple files
» support for external tools, capture of console output, errors navigation
» strings extraction feature
» tabbed interface
» bookmarks
» sessions
» toolbar themes
» customizable hotkeys
» export to RTF/HTML
» HTML Tidy support
» and more...

Application installer
Category: TC Lister Plugins
14000 KB - Updated: 13.04.2014 - x32 - Downloaded  117736 times

Services2 0.4.0

Services2 is a file-system plugin that can list, control and manage the services registered in the system.

General features:
- List services registered in the system
- Control service states
- Edit service properties
- Delete services from the system

System Requirements:
- Windows 2000 or later, both 32 and 64 bit
- Total Commander 7.50 or later, both 32 and 64 bit.

It is an alternative to the existing Services plugin (Version 2.4) written by Serge Kandakov (KaSA).

Advantages over Services 2.4:

* Show correct executable information in the file list of Total Commander (32 bit) on Windows 64 bit, i.e. file date/time and sizes. Services 2.4 always shows the information of the files in C:\Windows\SysWow64 instead of C:\Windows\system32.
* Unicode capable (I hope this is implemented correctly).
* 64 Bit version of this plugin to use in Total Commander x64.
* Translation to other languages possible (only German is available so far).
* Support for custom columns, including default view.
* Show services in Total Commander's file list in all states, not just running, stopped and paused but all transitional states (pause/continue/start/stop pending) as well.
* Additional startup type "Automatic (Delayed)" on Vista and higher.
* Delete a service by pressing F8 or DEL in Total Commander's file list. This feature can be turned off. See section "Plugin settings" in readme.txt.
* Show some additional information when pressing F3 on a service:
- startup type
- if a service is allowed to interact with the user's desktop
- if a service uses a shared process or its own
- the user account name the service logs on with
* Show driver services as such in the dependencies/dependents trees.
* Show load order groups in the dependencies tree (but not their members).
* Show warning if not all of the service's dependencies could be retrieved, e.g. when the user executing the plugin doesn't have administrative privileges that are necessary to get the dependents of some services. Namely these are DcomLaunch, RpcSs, RpcEptMapper and pla (on Windows 7/8), but there may be other services. Services 2.4 just shows "No dependencies found" in this case which isn't necessarily true.
Category: TC File System Plugins
1100 KB - Updated: 10.04.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  818 times

Ultimate Calendar (Update 6)

Ultimate Calendar – is easy to use calendar with rich features and settings. This is its main characteristics:
• Calendar for any year from 1 to 9999-th in table and list
• Generic and personal dates differing by sets and groups
• Movable, recurring, periodical, particular dates
• Internal editor for easy work with dates sets
• Two view modes: Whole year and Monthly
• Popup window which contains the list of nearest events and displayed when the mouse hovers over the tray icon
• *new* Moving weekend days
• Tracking change of day
• Options «Autostart on system startup», «Hide to tray on minimize», *new* «Run only one copy», *new* «Always on top»
• Plugins and displaying schemes support
• Possibility to limit displaying and use priorities
• Export to Microsoft Excel and formats BMP, RTF, TXT
• Multilingual interface and Unicode support
• Contains predefined dates sets with holidays and events for Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, USA
• Supported OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
• The program is free
Category: Other downloads
2792 KB - Updated: 01.04.2014 - x32 - Downloaded  8005 times

Jad Info 1.0.1

Content plugin for show info from *.jad and *.jar files.

This is new independet version of MIDlet plugin (
Category: Content plugins
1050 KB - Updated: 31.03.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  414 times

MediaInfoWDX 0.06

MediaInfoWDX call MediaInfo.dll to pull the media information. This's an extra link for someone who doesn't have msvcp110 and msvcr110. MediaInfoWDX build with static MFC
Category: Content plugins
32 KB - Updated: 31.03.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  5243 times

SQLite Viewer 1.8.6

Simple plugin for TC for view SQLite database files. Supports *.db, *.db3, *.sqlite, *.sqlite3 and *.fossil extensions.

Supports up to 2TB files, no sqlite3.dll needed.
Supports data types described in this document:

About auto creating any additional files when some database viewing (and open these databases from read-only sources):
Category: TC Lister Plugins
3300 KB - Updated: 26.03.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  15193 times

sLister - view more file formats

This is no plugin. The text only describes how you can view other file formats which are supported of SumatraPDF.exe by using the sLister plugin.

You will find an English and a German descrption.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
1 KB - Updated: 25.03.2014 - x32 - Downloaded  932 times

CharsOccurrences 1.7.1

Beside the plain text in one of the tabs shows the occurrences of letters and digits in the other tabs:

- in the tab with sortable list of letters, their occurrences and percentages
- in the tab with histogram of occurrences of letters
- in the tab with sortable list of digits, their occurrences and percentages
- in the tab with histogram of occurrences of digits
- in the tab with two static vertical lists, the left column ordered alphabetically and the right by occurrences
- in the tab with static horizontal text, the upper ordered alphabetically and the lower by occurrences

In the tabs with sortable lists is possible to change order of the columns by dragging their headers.

Tab with two vertical static lists shows also percentages of occurrences and the sum of all occurrences.

The font size of the most tabs is adjustable in the Settings tab.

The font size, the last chosen tab and the order of the items of the individual sortable lists are saved and automatically restored at the opening the next file and at the new opening of the Lister, and even after exit and restart of the Total Commander.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
426 KB - Updated: 21.03.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  4977 times

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